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Super Mario 63

game review

Super Mario 63 is a very well done flash game, the game is huge and there are very few problems. The game will occasionally have a slowdown, which on seldom occasions will make the game unplayable, but just stop playing for a few moments and it will be fine again. The levels are well done and the enemies are fun to stomp on, the game might be a bit too easy, but it has tons of replayability. This game is huge, lots of fun and will easily take you 2+ hours to beat the whole game. I would rate this game higher than my Gameboy sidescroller because of the levels are extremely varied and generally more fun to play. I highly recommend you play this awesome flash game, save your money buying that new Mario game and just play this!

Tips and Tricks to own at this game

The Boo's are extremely frustrating and annoying, some rooms had 5 or more and this became extremely difficult because

1) cannot be killed

2) they can cause damage even when hiding.

I find that they respawn a little too quickly, moving slightly away from the defeated enemies will instantly respawn them, which gets annoying if there are a large amount of them.

Controls of the Game

Use [ARROWS] to move and JUMP around

Super Mario 63 - Enjoy playing this game at the Comfort of your Home !

Super Mario 63 is the same game as Super Mario 64 from a side scrolling point of view. You play as Mario, a simple plumber whose girlfriend is stolen by the King of Koopa's, Bowser. Bowser then smashes the power source of the castle and it is up to Mario to not only restore power to the castle, but also save Princess Peach. This involves jumping into magical paintings and finding Shine Sprites, finding enough of these will eventually lead you to defeat Bowser. It is a classic Mario story, but not all that original in the sense of storytelling.